Auditing, Data Collection & Mystery Shopping

You will have taken a great deal of care in ensuring that your product or service meets the needs of your consumers, but how can you be sure that what you think is happening is actually happening?

Face Field Marketing work with you to give you up to date feedback as to what is happening to your product or service as it reaches the consumer.

This can be very infromative especially if you use third parties to deliver  your product or service to consumers.

We have undertaken briefs to:

  • Check if the correct shelf space was being given and check stock levels.
  • Check if Correct POS and pricing is being used.
  • Check competitor activity and analyse shelf space.
  • How well sales staff know and promote your brand .

On behalf of our clients, Face have been involved in collection and analysis of sales data as well as auditing checks by means of in-store checks. 

These activities can take place in the field, over the phone or on the net.